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Launch and Learn Episode 1: The Universal Signal

February 27, 2023
February 14, 2023
February 14, 2023

For the last few weeks, my CEO Keith and I have been getting together for a chat about what's going on about what's going on in the world of SaaS, our product, and our upcoming launch.

I found these conversations bearing some very interesting fruit, so I started recording them.

This is Launch and Learn: Building in Public.

This week, Keith and I discussed a topic that's been on our minds for quite some time now - the "universal signal."

Check out the full discussion here 👇🏾

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The universal signal is simply the departure of a key person from a company, whether a decision-maker or a key advocate. However, it represents risk and opportunity and is often overlooked.

The Universal Signal as a Double-Edged Sword

On the one hand, the departure of a key person can pose a significant risk to a company's relationship with its customers. It can create a vacuum of trust and understanding, leading to a breakdown in communication and, potentially, the loss of a valuable customer.

However, on the other hand, this departure can also present exciting opportunities for growth and expansion. It can open the door for new acquisition opportunities, increase the chance of cross-selling or upselling, and provide a fresh start for onboarding.

The Power of Playbooks

Keith and I talked about the importance of tracking key decision-makers and key users who have left a company, and how playbooks can help in this process. Playbooks provide a deeper level of context about each key user and their company, allowing sales teams to take advantage of the situation or mitigate the risks posed by the departure of a key person.

However, the operationalization of tracking key decision-makers is poorly thought out in many organizations. LinkedIn's API access may also be limited, making it difficult to track key decision-makers. This is where technology comes in.

Using data providers and machine learning, we can identify signals of departure and predict changes in behavior, allowing us to take the right actions to mitigate risks or capitalize on opportunities.

The Importance of Predicting Data

Keith and I also discussed the importance of predicting data and automating responses to drive desired outcomes for customers and employees. Automating the customer journey and standard operating procedures can free up employees' time to focus on tasks that require human intervention. The goal is to save employees from making decisions that are not worth their time and provide them with the mental space to focus on impactful decisions.

The key to this is providing a one-to-some response to the universal signal, rather than a one-to-one response. This response should not be universal but tailored to the context of the customer and the scenario.

The Future of Prescriptive Software

Finally, Keith and I talked about the concept of prescriptive software and how it can be used to support customers. We believe that software can already be prescriptive, but it can also be improved to be more accurate and drive better outcomes for specific customers.

We see our product as a "platform" that is flexible and customizable, and can be used for different use cases. However, we are aware of the limitations of language and are cautious in using certain words to describe our product. The definition of "platform" may vary for different people, and the name may be changed in the future to fit the product better.

Parative differs from a composable CDP, as we believe in providing tailored solutions for each customer.

Wrapping Up

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