Parative vs. Product Analytics

Product Analytics tools are critical to helping Product Managers understand the behaviors of an entire user population. Learn how they relate to Parative below.

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Product analytics

The Comparison

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Primary Difference

Product Analytics tools are first and foremost designed to help Product Management teams understand macro historical product usage trends in order to make better product decisions.

Parative's Scoring Automation Engine is designed to unify all customer data – including product usage – in order to identify customer readiness for revenue and retention outcomes.

To Sum It up


Product usage is just one type of data which Parative utilizes to identify opportunity and risk. As such, Product Analytics tools typically act as a data source for Parative. Not all teams have these tools (or want to deal with their tech teams to get the data from them). For this reason, Parative also offers its own product usage tracking add-on, allowing teams to capture behavior natively in Parative.