Parative vs. Product Analytics

Product Analytics tools are critical to helping Product Managers understand the behaviors of an entire user population. Learn how Parative's Customer Behavior Platform compares below.

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Product analytics

The Comparison

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Primary Difference

Product Analytics tools are first and foremost designed to help Product Management teams understand macro historical product usage trends in order to make better product decisions.

Parative's Customer Behavior Platform is designed to provide front-line revenue and retention teams with the key customer behavior insights they need to do their jobs better.

Product Analytics is a separate dashboard that PMs log into. Parative exists primarily within the tools you already use.

To Sum It up


Although both tools look at behavior, Product Analytics focuses on population-level insights. Parative focuses on individual user and account-level insights. Product Analytics cares about everything users do in aggregate. Parative only cares about surfacing the key behaviors that signal individual customers' readiness for conversion, expansion, or churn.