Parative for NRR

Current customers are the growth opportunity.

Parative analyzes your customer data to forecast NRR pipeline, identify expansion opportunities, and automate team action to drive NRR growth.

Paratives NRR Pipeline takes in many data sources
How it works

Scale NRR with data & automation.

Parative Unified Record compiled of data from other tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, Pendo

Unify Customer Data

Parative integrates with your systems to automatically identify, de-dupe, and unify customer data in order to uncover growth opportunities and forecast NRR pipeline.

Parative Scores accumulated from many data sources

Identify Expansion Opportunities

Parative analyzes your unified customer data to identify Expansion Qualified Leads (EQLs) by scoring customers' readiness for relevant upsell and cross-sell paths.

Automated alerts from parative in slack

Automate the Path to Expansion

Alert teams and standardize how they convert expansion opportunities by triggering automations in your other tools.

Parative's NRR Pipeline Report

Forecast NRR Pipeline

Parative automatically tracks revenue, renewals, churn risk, and expansion opportunities to forecast NRR and identify the hidden gold in each segment.

Parative CS Icon

Parative CS

A CRM for CS to manage accounts, run playbooks, score for risk, & drive renewals.

Parative CX Icon

Parative CE

A collection of customer-facing modules for onboarding, adoption, & engagement.

Parative VoC Icon

Parative VoC

All-in-one system for capturing, measuring, & closing the loop on customer feedback.