Parative CS

Focus on NRR, not managing CS tools.

Parative CS includes everything Success teams need to manage accounts and drive NRR, but it simplifies the process by dropping complex implementation and going with CSMs wherever they work.

Parative success sidekick using all your favorite parative features

A CS conversion kit for any other tool.

Customers don’t live in one place. Data doesn’t live in one place. So why are Customer Success teams stuck in one dashboard? Parative ignores seats and dashboards so CS teams can drive NRR from anywhere.

How it works

Home is where the CSM is.

Whether you want to work out of a dedicated Parative dashboard or take it to go, Parative CS deeply leverages data to help teams manage their accounts, prioritize their day, identify risk, and drive NRR.

Success Sidekick used in any tool

Success Sidekick

A CSM-specific cockpit that includes everything needed to streamline account management, optimize daily tasks, and boost NRR.

How Parative does it better:
Teams don't need to log into a dedicated dashboard or make changes to their CRM in order to empower their CSMs.

Adaptive churn and renewal score example

AI-Powered Churn & Renewal Scoring

Predict customers' propensity to renew or churn using an analysis of all of your Parative-unified customer data.

How Parative does it better:
Data-driven churn scores for every customer segment, product, region, etc.

Track NRR Pipeline

NRR Forecasting

Track historical NRR and forecast NRR outcomes – renewal, churn, & expansion – by segment, region, tier, product, or CSM.

How Parative does it better:
Track your NRR pipeline as closely as Sales tracks your prospect pipeline with a data-powered NRR engine.

Adaptive expansion readiness score example

AI-powered Upsell & Cross-sell Scoring

Proactively identify expansion-qualified leads (ESQLs) using an analysis of your customer data.

How Parative does it better:
Don't just rely on QBRs to uncover expansion opportunity. Data-driven scores for every upsell or cross-sell path.


Plus everything Ops teams need to standardize & scale.

Expand Parative CS with other Parative add-ons.

Magnifying glass exploring revenue charts

Parative Usage Tracking

Track customer engagement within your product directly, without the need of integrating an analytics tool.

Parative CX Icon

Parative CE

A collection of customer-facing modules for driving onboarding, adoption, and engagement.

Parative VoC Icon

Parative VoC

An all-in-one system for capturing, measuring, and closing the loop on customer feedback.