Predictive Scoring

Score for expansion, risk, or buyer fit.

Parative analyzes your customer data – usage, relationship, feedback, contract, and market factors – to identify hidden revenue signals and use them to generate predictive growth scores.

A web of Parative Scoring tools

Predictive scores for any customer outcome.

Parative's scoring automation engine has it all: Predictive, outcome-focused scores generated using a large variety of customer data, mapped to relevant customer segments, stored seamlessly in your CRM, and used to trigger workflow automation.
Parative's Scoring Engine connecting to other tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, and other CRM or CSM tools
Parative Scores accumulated from many data sources

Identify the Signals that predict revenue opportunities.

Parative analyzes your customer data to uncover the key factors that lead to the revenue outcomes you care about. These factors are then tracked across all customers in real time and used to develop predictive scores.

People and Software analyzing your data
Parative Power Up

Improve your Signals with data science.

Parative subscriptions include machine learning and dedicated in-house data scientists to analyze historical data, evaluate Signal efficacy, and suggest improvements for driving better outcomes.

How it Works

Score customers’ growth readiness and potential.

Based on the revenue Signals defined by your team and discovered in Parative’s analysis of your data, Parative will score every customer toward the revenue outcomes you care about.
Layered Screenshots of Parative Scoring

Completely Customizable

Test, experiment, and optimize Parative scores over time as you learn which factors lead to the outcomes you care about.

Delivered to Other Tools

Parative scores can be delivered to your team wherever they work – your CRM, Slack/Teams, email, or desktop.

Provided with Context

Your reps need to know why a customer has a certain score. Parative always provides this context, wherever scores are delivered.
Parative's Score Record reporting on Segments

Apply Scores to relevant Customer Segments.

Improve accuracy and completeness of customer data by enriching existing account and contact records in the CRM with Parative's captured and unified data.

Parative Power Ups

Enrich your Scores with Parative-Captured Data

Market Data

Identify buyer-fit personas or in-market buying opportunities based on intent signals and firmographic data, such as competitive research, funding events, changes in headcount.

Score Qualification Icon

Customer Feedback Data

Enrich your Parative predictive scores – or just better understand your customers’ needs – with Parative’s all-in-one customer feedback add-on, the most powerful Voice of the Customer tool on the market.

Product Usage Data

Don’t have telemetry data (or just don’t want to deal with getting it from your technical teams)? Parative can track customer behavior and product usage directly; no existing analytics tools required.