Automate Path to Expansion

Scale via automation, not employee effort.

Parative ensures your team takes advantage of NRR-driving opportunities by proactively alerting them and automating workflows that drive expansion.

A web of Parative Automations

Standardize how you convert NRR opportunity.

When Parative identifies Expansion Qualified Leads within your customer base, it can automatically trigger alerts, playbooks, or workflows in any of your other tools.
Parative empowering the tools you already use with conditions

Take immediate action on expansion signals... in any tool you want.

Employee Alerts

Alert employees in Slack, Teams, or over email when relevant signals occur.

Tasks & Playbooks

Create tasks in your CRM or CSP and assign it directly to the relevant account record.

Email Nurturing

Add an account or contact to an email list in your marketing automation tool.

Sales Opportunities

Create an open opportunity in your CRM and assign it to the relevant account record.

Sales Outreach

Trigger a sales outreach sequence in tools like Outreach or Salesloft.

In-App Guides

Deliver in-app widgets like guides or announcements to users in product.
parative add-on

Engage users with Parative CE.

While Parative can automate workflows in your other tools, it can also be used to engage customers directly. Add Parative CE to drive onboarding, adoption, and engagement.
Paratives In-app engagement tools