workflow automation

Instantly take action on revenue and risk signals.

Parative ensures your team takes advantage of all revenue opportunities by proactively alerting them and automating workflows in their existing tools.

A web of Parative Automations

Automate actions in the tools you already use.

When the Parative scoring engine identifies customer opportunity or risk, Parative can automatically trigger alerts, playbooks, or workflows in your other tools.
Parative empowering the tools you already use with conditions

Take immediate action on expansion and risk signals... in any tool you want.

Employee Alerts

Alert employees in Slack, Teams, or over email when relevant signals occur.

Tasks & Playbooks

Create tasks in your CRM or CSP and assign it directly to the relevant account record.

Email Nurturing

Add an account or contact to an email list in your marketing automation tool.

Sales Opportunities

Create an open opportunity in your CRM and assign it to the relevant account record.

Sales Outreach

Trigger a sales outreach sequence in tools like Outreach or Salesloft.

In-App Guides

Deliver in-app widgets like guides or announcements to users in product.
How it Works

Score customers’ growth readiness and potential.

Based on the revenue Signals defined by your team and discovered in Parative’s analysis of your data, Parative will score every customer toward the revenue outcomes you care about.
Paratives In-app engagement tools
Use Cases

A unique response for each key signal.

Parative connects to the tools you use every day, enabling you to take the insights and signals captured by Parative and trigger automated actions immediately.
Salesforce Opportunity Automation Example
Buyer Fit/ICP
Create complex, dynamically updated scoring models to measure the level of a customers’ alignment with your ideal profile. Parative will match an account with your defined ideal profile based on any number of dimensions and variables. Leverage Parative’s Market Data add-on for even more granular account and contact-level data!
Slack Notification Automation Example
Expansion Ready
Leverage robust segmentation rules and dynamic scoring to track opportunities for expansion based on any combination of segments, signals, or scores. Expansion Readiness scores will update automatically across all your other tools based on changes tracked with Parative.
Hubspot List Automation Example
Churn Risk
Parative can track key behavioral indicators of churn risk, such as when an account exports their data from the platform. These signals are then synced with scores in your CRM and can be used to trigger real-time alerts to your team to take intervening action.
Pendo Guide Automation Example
Customer Health
Use Parative’s scoring engine to build a holistic, high-level overview of the health of a current customer. Use this score to incorporate both implicit behvaioral signals of product usage and explicit feedback such as NPS scores and CSATs.
Outreach Workflow Automation Example
Product Qualified Account
Parative’s scoring allows you to define your PQA qualifications – from ICP fit and marketing engagement to activation and product adoption – and use these to identify and score PQAs in real time directly in the tools you already use.