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A bit about us.

Parative is a Boston-based SaaS startup founded by serial entrepreneurs, backed by some of the world’s best investors, and supported by a thoughtful team of kickass people.

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Our Mission

SaaS is more than 20 years old. What started simply with Salesforce – a single tool for only one team – has since resulted in ubiquity. Today, teams now have so many SaaS tools that they need SaaS tools to manage their SaaS tools.

Parative is focusing on addressing the pain created as a result of the 20-year proliferation of SaaS: disconnected tools, siloed data, disparate workflows, and unaligned teams. After years of expansion, teams now want contraction. Rather than addition, teams want subtraction. Fewer things that do more. The glue.

No employee wants to log into more dashboards. No tool should only support one team. No team should be blocked from doing their job due to a lack of access to the insights they need.

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The Product

Parative is focused on putting actionable product usage and customer behavior insights into the hands of the employees that need them most – front-line revenue and retention teams – without the need for support from a data team, CDP, or data warehouse.

In short, Parative’s AI-powered Customer Intelligence Platform transforms how revenue orgs put their data to work to drive revenue, retention, and expansion at scale.

Best yet, no Parative login is required. The insights Parative captures, alerts it triggers, and actions it automates all exist entirely within the tools you already use, from Slack to the CRM. So no matter the customer segments or the customer behavioral signals, Parative gives revenue and retention teams the insights they need to do their jobs better – no additional dashboards required.

Our Founders

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Keith Frankel, CEO

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Jason Zopf, CTO

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Jonah Stuart, CDO

Our Investors

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Plus operators from many of the world's best companies.
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Here at Parative, we have a motto: Dissent is constructive, but always assume positive intent. We pride ourselves on fostering a culture of candor, one in which argumentation is viewed as one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal in the pursuit of creating the best possible work. But candor is not an excuse for being an asshole; there is always room for tact, and tone matters.

Dissent is constructive, but always assume positive intent.

At Parative, there is no ‘me vs you’ or ‘us vs them’. It’s never ‘my team’ vs ‘your team’. We don’t keep score, and you’ll never hear us say, “I told you so.” While we do encourage employees at every level to take a seat at the table and be direct in their defense of their preferred path forward, we expect everyone to support the final decision as if it was their own.

Simply put: at Parative, we put trust above everything. We deeply trust one another, and we have zero tolerance for behaviors or attitudes that threaten to erode that trust. No matter how colorful the discussion or how important the decision, we are ultimately all on the same team.

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working at parative

Who we’re looking for.

At Parative, we care first and foremost about ideas and individuals. We believe that Parative should be representative of broader society, and we warmly welcome diversity of thought and background. We consider candidates based solely on their individual merits and deeply believe that the best people are those who are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about joining us. If you also like board games and dogs, you might as well just let us know when you can start.

Work Perks

Parative is a thing you do; it shouldn’t be who you are. So, we expect you to take time away. Our PTO policy is “as needed, as long as you’re getting shit done”. We focus on hiring great people who we know we can trust. As long as you get done what needs to get done, we’re not going to worry about tracking your well-earned time away.

Great people are everywhere. Great work can happen from anywhere. Great people know where they need to be to do great work.

Great companies are the result of great people doing great work at scale. Anything that blocks or detracts from great work should be considered, limited, or removed. Mandating in-office work means accepting a host of unavoidable blockers to great work. Full stop.

Health, dental, vision, 401K, HSA, paid parental leave, and more. We want to ensure that every member of the Parative family (and their families) are well taken care of.

Plus, Parative pays for everything you need to be successful at your job – from tech and education to your home office setup. So whether you’re in the office or Zooming in from Barbados, we’ve got you covered.

Why work at a high risk startup when you could work a cozy job at a large company? Pride of ownership. Parative gives every employee a piece of the pie in the form of a comprehensive equity package. This ensures that when Parative wins, you win.

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