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Parative offers 2 products: Scoring Automation & Voice of the Customer.

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Expand each Parative product with a collection of optional add-ons.

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Parative wants to grow your company. The more teammates, the better.

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Parative Products

Parative Scoring Automation Engine

Unify all customer data to identify hidden revenue or risk signals and to automate your team’s response to those signals.

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Predictive Scoring for Revenue, Churn, Expansion, & Fit

Customer Data Unification & CRM Record Enrichment

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Revenue/Risk Signal Tracking & Automation

Account & User/Contact Segmentation

Product Usage/Behavior Tracking

Company-level Enrichment Data

CRM Automations & Slack/Teams/Email Alerts

Parative Voice of the Customer

Unify all customer feedback to identify important customer needs and ensure your roadmap drives revenue and retention.

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Reports for Activity, Volume, Urgency, Risk, & Revenue

Customizable Feedback Collection & Organization

Tasks, Notes, & Notifications for Collaboration

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User Interview & Survey Response Annotation

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Feature Voting & Announcements

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Team Portal for Updates and Transparency

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CRM, Slack, Support, Survey, & Jira Integrations

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Parative Add-ons

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Historical Customer Data Analysis

Some Parative customers know the signals that matter. Others don’t. This add-on is for them. Parative will analyze historical data to identify which factors lead to the outcomes you care about.

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Playbook Automation

This add-on provides the ability to create playbooks in Parative. Playbooks are a collection of workflow automations that can be triggered at specific moments during the customer journey.

Customer Journey Icon

Customer Journey Orchestration

This add-on lets you map out customer journeys and the relevant playbook automations in Parative. Customer journeys unlock your ability to automate the standard path to success.

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In-App User Engagement Module

Parative can connect to in-app engagement tools – e.g. Pendo – to directly engage users as an automation when Parative uncovers risk or opportunity. This add-on is a replacement for those tools.

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