Pricing and packaging designed to be as flexible & focused as you need.

How PricingWorks

Start with the Core Platform

All subscriptions start with the core Parative Customer Intelligence engine.

Add Relevant Integrations

Connect your data sources, as well as any desired automations. CRM is free.

Add Optional Add-Ons

Add data or product add-ons to support more teams & use cases.

Modern pricing for modern companies.

No cost per seat.

Parative wants to grow your company. The more teammates, the better.

No cost per customer.

You shouldn’t be charged more for your success. More customers, same price.

No cost for service.

Training, support, guidance, help... service should never be paywalled.

What's Included

core system

Parative Customer Intelligence Engine

An all-in-one system for transforming your raw customer data into an automated engine for driving revenue, retention, and expansion.

Tools to audit, clean, unify, analyze, and automate data

One AI-powered model for identifying Risk, ICP, Expansion, etc.

Information tooltip in a circle

ML-based customer identity resolution for unifying data

Continuous audit & cleanup of malformed, missing, & duped data

Real-time orchestration of data across objects and tools

Automation engine for triggering alerts and complex workflows

CRM and Slack/Teams integrations included for free

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Common use case

Audit, Clean, & Unify Your Data

Parative can identify and fix data integrity issues. It can then ingest that cleaned data and unify it across all existing systems.

Common use case

Churn, Expansion, & ICP Analysis

Parative to generate predictive models for revenue outcomes, and delivers insights to individual contributors in the tools they use.

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Common use case

Put Data to Work with Automation

Parative tracks changes to data in real time and triggers standardized workflow automations and alerts in your other tools.

Data Add-ons

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Additional AI-Driven Data Analysis

Expand your subscription with additional AI-driven, segment-specific models for predicting churn, expansion, ICP fit, or custom insights.

Usage Tracking/Analytics

For teams that don't have readily-available analytics data, this add-on allows for Parative-native tracking of your user behavior.

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CRM Record Enrichment

Parative offers a market data enrichment add-on to enrich your contacts and accounts with firmographic and technographic data.

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Analyze survey responses, support tickets, and more to measure customer sentiment and expand inputs into your Parative model.

Product Add-ons

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CS Operations

All of the power of a CS platform without the cost or overhead. Includes journeys, playbooks, CSM cockpit, executive reports, & more.

Customer-facing Success Plans

Branded portals to interface directly with customers to drive engagement, transparently track goals, and ensure accountability.


Deliver NPS, CSAT, and custom surveys over email or in-product as part of an ongoing drip campaign or a standalone one-off send.

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Guides & Announcements

Engage customers in product with tutorials and tooltips to drive onboarding and announcements to drive ongoing adoption.

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