Revenue expansion system

Ready. Set. Grow.

Parative helps SaaS teams discover untapped revenue growth by combining software and data science to identify expansion opportunities.

introducing parative

Get more out of what you already have.

Parative analyzes customer data to uncover expansion opportunities, provide those insights in your CRM, and automate intervention.

Parative empowering the tools you already use with conditions
Parative is software and humans

Software with a service.

Parative includes software to enable GTM expansion efforts and a dedicated data scientist to continuously analyze and suggest improvements.

Parative setup integrations

Add revenue, not effort.

Parative makes GTM teams’ lives easier. That means it doesn’t require a technical team’s support and exists entirely within your current tools.

How it Works


expansion system.

Parative sending Signal alerts to Slack

Monitor Critical Signals

Parative identifies growth opportunities by monitoring customer behavior, product usage, and contract consumption.

Parative Adding Scores to CRM

Score Expansion Readiness

Parative enables expansion efforts by accurately scoring each customer’s readiness directly in your current CRM.

Parative requirements being met to trigger integrations and workflows

Automate Actions

Parative unburdens employees by proactively alerting them and automating desired workflows in the tools they use.

People and Software analyzing your data

Analyze Efficacy & Outcomes

While Parative’s software operationalizes how your team drives growth, your dedicated Parative data scientist will continuously evaluate and suggest which signals have the largets impact.