Scoring Automation Engine

Predict Risk & Automate Growth

Parative unifies customer data, analyzes it to identify revenue or risk signals, and automates how teams respond to those signals in the other tools they use.

What Parative Does

Uncover opportunity in your customer data.

Parative is designed to help teams get the most out of their customer data so they can get back to focusing on growth. It does that by analyzing customer data to uncover which customers are ready to buy, buy more, or churn.

Parative Turns data into insights in the tools you need
Magnifying glass exploring revenue charts

Unify Customer Data

to identify important signals in usage, feedback, relationship, contract, intent, and market data.

score conditions matching

Score for Outcomes

by evaluating customers across the risk and revenue signals identified during data unification.

automation connection workflows

Automate Your Response

by proactively alerting employees and triggering workflows in the other tools your teams use.

How it Works

Scoring Engine

for growth.

Parative Unified Record compiled of data from other tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, Pendo

Unified Customer Data

Parative automatically identifies, de-dupes, and merges data from any system to create unified customer records in Parative. These records are used to enrich your CRM and power Parative's scoring automation engine.

Parative Scores accumulated from many data sources

Predictive Scoring

Parative analyzes your unified customer data to identify the factors that predict opportunity, risk, and customer fit. These signals are then used to score customers for the outcomes you care about.

Automated alerts from parative in slack

Automations & Alerts

Drive the perfect playbook by alerting teammates and automating workflows in the other tools they use when Parative identifies opportunity or risk.

Parative's Voice of the Customer Topic priority dashboard

Voice of the Customer

Enrich your Parative scores – or just better understand your customers’ needs – with Parative’s all-in-one customer feedback add-on, the most powerful Voice of the Customer tool on the market.

Parative is software and humans

Software with a service.

Parative includes software to enable GTM expansion efforts and a dedicated data scientist to continuously analyze and suggest improvements.

Parative setup integrations

Add revenue, not effort.

Parative makes GTM teams’ lives easier. That means it doesn’t require a technical team’s support and exists entirely within your current tools.