AI-Powered Customer Intelligence for Operations teams

Good data is
good business.

Parative’s full-stack Customer Intelligence engine transforms how Ops teams turn their raw customer data into an automated engine for driving Revenue, Retention, & Expansion.

Parative Dashboard reporting on net recurring revenue, churn prediction, crm audit, enrichment signals, expansion identified, ICP Analysis, and crm cleanup.

Trusted by Ops teams of all sizes.

What it Is

One Complete Platform for Turning Customer Data into Revenue

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AI Model reports for Impact, distribution, and precision

AI Data Analysis for Defining ICP Fit, Predicting Renewal, and Identifying Expansion.

Parative's NRR Pipeline Report

NRR Forecasting for Churn, Downgrade, Renewal, & Expansion.

Automated alerts from parative in slack

Real-time alerts, automations, & playbooks to act on insights at scale.

Don’t think your data is good enough? Parative can help.

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Data Integrity Audit

Get a deeper understanding of the state of your data. Parative will audit your data integrity, coverage, etc.

CRM Data Cleanup

Parative can fix CRM integrity issues with a purge/merge/match process designed to clean your records.

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Data Enrichment

Parative can fill in data gaps or correct bad data with its company and contact market enrichment data add-ons.

How it Fits In

A Behind the Scenes Engine for Driving Growth

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Various software data sources feeding into the parative customer intelligence platform and triggering automations into integrations like hubspot, salesforce, slack, intercom, and zendesk

Not Another Dashboard

Parative exists behind the scenes. All insights, alerts, and automations are delivered to your existing tools.

Not One Size Fits All

Models aren’t recycled. Your Parative analysis is specific to your business, data, customers, and outcomes.

Segment-Specific Analysis

Specificity ensures accuracy. Each of your segments can have its own unique Parative analysis and model.

How it Works

How Parative Works

Parative transforms how Operations teams put their customer data to work to drive revenue, retention, and expansion at scale.

Web of interconnected Parative Features. AI Models, Net Revenue Retention Reports, Account Scoring, Sentiment Analysis

Transform your raw customer data into an automated engine for empowering your revenue, retention, and expansion efforts.

Integrate Your Data

Parative can ingest relationship, contract, feedback, usage, and enrichment data from your tools.

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Configure Your Data

Your dedicated data scientist will work to understand your business and configure your data for analysis.

Generate Models

Parative will perform historical data analysis of the relevant data to generate segment-specific models.

score conditions matching

Convert Models into Scores

To incorporate your own inputs and make models easy to understand for individual contributors.

Sync Scores to Tools

Bi-directionally sync your scores and score context back into the tools your teams use day-to-day.

Initiating tasks, alerts and emails with automations

Alerts & Automations

Standardize alerts, playbook automations, and other workflows in your tools based on score changes.