Parative Customer Intelligence Platform

Good data drives good business.

Parative's Customer Intelligence Platform transforms how non-technical teams uncover, understand, and act on customer signals to drive revenue, retention, and expansion at scale.

What it is

Customer data, solved.

Parative is built on a state-of-the-art Data Activation Engine capable of solving any customer data problem encountered by Sales, Revenue, Success, and Ops teams.

Current Tools feeding data into Parative scoring engine kicking off automations
Magnifying glass exploring revenue charts

Unify & Clean Your Data

Parative is unique in its ability to address the integrity of customer data. Parative's Identity Matrix is the key, deeply leveraging machine learning to accurately identify customers and unify disparate customer data across every data source. No universal ID required.

score conditions matching

Access & Route Your Data

Parative can send any unified customer data to any existing tool or system where employees spend their time, such as your CRM. This can include raw data, Parative-transformed data, Parative-captured data, or distinct insights that are uncovered via Parative analysis.

automation connection workflows

Put Your Data to Work

Parative can automate simple or complex workflows across a series of connected tools based on the existence, occurrence, or lack of any unified customer data. Parative can even score your data in real time to grade account fit, health, risk, or expansion-readiness.

Use Parative in the way that works for you.

Parative enhancing your CSP or as an interactino layer on your CRM

Enrich Current Systems

Parative and its add-on solutions are capable of being completely "headless", meaning they can be used entirely from your other systems as a way to enrich those tools. No additional dashboards to learn or seats to buy.

Parative Dashboard

Consolidate Current Systems

While any of Parative's systems can be used alongside other tools, its add-on solutions – Parative CS, Parative CE, & Parative VoC – can also be used to consolidate a collection of standalone tools into one powerful platform.

Expanding parative

An expandable system for Unified CX.

Parative's NRR Pipeline Report
core Product

Parative for NRR

An AI-powered customer data engine that forecasts NRR pipeline, identifies expansion opportunities, and automates team action to drive NRR growth.

Parative Unified Record compiled of data from other tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, Pendo

Parative CS

For Customer Success teams to manage their accounts, track lifecycle stages, run playbooks, score for health, and drive renewals. Use as a standalone CRM or as a CS conversion kit for your current CRM.

Paratives In-app engagement tools

Parative CE

A collection of customer-facing modules for supporting onboarding, driving adoption, & improving engagement.

Parative's Voice of the Customer Topic priority dashboard

Parative VoC

An all-in-one system for enabling teams to capture customer feedback and report on the actual business impact of outstanding customer needs.