AI-Driven Customer Intelligence

Parative is an all-in-one system for turning raw customer data into an automated engine for driving the full revenue lifecycle, from prospecting to expansion.

the Parative methedology. Data audit, cleanup, unification, intelligence, and automation

How Parative Works.

A full-stack data activation engine to transform how non-technical teams audit, clean, unify, access, understand, and act on customer data to drive business outcomes at scale.

Parative connecting the tangle of customer tools

All existing customer data...

Data ingestion from tools, CDP’s, warehouses, or captured first hand.

Parative unifies customer data all into one place, the unified account record

Audited, cleaned, & unified...

ML-based identity resolution to clean and unify customer data.

AI Model reports for Impact, distribution, and precision

Then analyzed with AI...

Historical data analysis to uncover signals & aid understanding.

Adaptive expansion readiness score example

To drive understanding...

Learnings codified into easy to grasp insights for individual contributors.

Parative feeding a connection of workflows and automations based on data triggers

And automate action.

Automated to standardize how data is put to work to drive outcomes.

Parative’s Methodology: Customer Data Activation

Parative makes it possible for non-technical teams to solve their own data problems. Not every team has every data problem, but every team has data problems that Parative can fix.

Parative's core methodology: Tools to make data usable and tools to use data to drive growth. Assess, Address, Analyze, Act. Audit your data, Improve your Data, Understand Your Data, Put Your Data to Work. Audit Data Sources, Identify Record Issues, Identify Property Issues. Merge/Purge/Match Records, Enrich Key Properties, Unify Data Across Tools. AI Scoring Models, Signal Tracking, Data Visualization. Real-time Alerts, Playbook Automations, Escalation Tasks.

The Parative Data Unification Process

Data Audit & Cleanup

Identify data integrity issues in your CRM and continuously fix them.

An account record collecting data from multiple sources

Data Enrichment

Update records or fill in data gaps with Parative-native data.

Merging multiple points into one path

Identity Resolution

Unify data across all systems with ML-based identity resolution.

The Parative Data Activation Process

moving data points around to new locations and connections

Data Orchestration

Automate complex data workflows across your existing systems.

score conditions matching

AI Analysis & Scoring

Analyze millions of data points to identify revenue risk & opportunity.

Initiating tasks, alerts and emails with automations

Data Automation

Standardize workflow automations to replace manual work with scale.

Getting Started with Parative

Parative transforms how revenue, success, and operations teams put their data to work to empower individual contributors to drive revenue, retention, and expansion at scale.

Phase 1

Audit, Clean, & Unify Customer Data

Parative can identify and fix data integrity issues in source systems. It then ingests that cleaned data and uses machine learning to unify data across all existing systems.

Ingesting data from your tools, evaluating the quality of your records, and unifying that data into one cohesive record
Parative as the connected data center of your customer and business tools

Unify customer data from any source.

Relationship Data
CRMs, CSPs, Marketing Automation

Contract Data
Revenue, Opportunities, Volume Units, Renewals

Usage/Behavior Data*
Contract Consumption, In-Product Events, Engagement Tools

Feedback Data*
Sales/Renewal Blockers, Product Needs, Surveys, Support Tickets

Market Data*
Firmographic, Technographic, Demographic, Intent

* Can be provided by Parative directly via add-on modules.

Phase 2

Track, Analyze, & Score Customer Data

Parative tracks changes to unified data in real time, analyzes historical data to generate predictive models, and codifies those learnings into insights for individual contributors.

Analyzing unified customer records the predict account outcomes like Likelihood to Churn

Common AI Analysis Use Cases

Teams have a variety of outcomes they care about – revenue, retention, and expansion. Parative is being used by customers to drive all 3 across each of their customer segments and product lines.

an example of Buyer fit/icp analysis scoring criteria

ICP Analysis

Analyze CRM data to identify your ideal customer profile.

An example of Expansion Ready analysis score

Expansion Analysis

Analyze all customer data to identify upsell / x-sell opps.

An example of likelihood to churn score analysis

Churn Analysis

Analyze all customer data to identify renewal propensity.

Phase 3

Put Data to Work with Alerts & Automations

Data is only as good as a team’s ability to use it. Parative's automation engine can trigger standardized workflows in existing tools when data signals need to be acted on.

Parative likelihood to churn score triggering a churn recovery playbook sending automations to all your workflow tools including slack alerts.

How Parative Fits In

Parative can work alongside an existing data stack, or it can be used entirely independently. No CDP or warehouse is required.

Parative sits alongside your other data tools with powerful analysis, workflow automation, data integrity, and data flow tools.

How Parative is Used

Parative is designed to fit seamlessly into a company’s existing teams, tools, and goals.

Behind the Scenes

Teams are drowning in tools. Parative can exist largely behind the scenes, lowering the barrier to adoption.

Across Tools & Teams

Unlike many SaaS tools that are team locked, Parative can support many teams, from Sales to Success.

Higher Costs

For Driving Actual Revenue

Good data is good business. Parative doesn’t just store data. It’s the system for activating data to drive revenue.