Parative CE

Consolidate your engagement efforts into one system.

Parative CE empowers your team to guide customers along the right path through a collection of customer-facing modules that support onboarding, drive adoption, & improve engagement.

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How it works

Elevate customer engagement with data.

Parative CE is built on the same unified customer data engine that powers the rest of Parative, allowing you to deeply leverage what Parative knows about your customers to drive the right engagement mechanisms to the right customers at the right time.

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Keep customers engaged and informed by announcing new features and updates directly in-app or via email. Close the feedback loop and ensure that customers are always up to date.

Paratives feature voting portal

Feature Voting

Boost team collaboration, foster community, and drive customer engagement with both internal and customer-facing Feature Voting.

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Customer Portals

Create a seamless customer journey by offering customers a tailored all-in-one hub for collaboration, onboarding, post QBRs, and renewals.

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Capture customer satisfaction and gain insights using tailored survey campaigns such as NPS and CSAT which can be delivered both in-app or over email.

See what else you can do with Parative

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Identify Expansion Opportunity

Track your NRR pipeline and score accounts to identify Expansion Qualified Leads for each of your upsell or cross-sell paths.

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Automate the Path to Expansion

Take immediate action on NRR-driving opportunities with real-time alerts and automated workflows in your existing tools.