Customer Data Unification

Unify Customer Data Instantly

Parative takes customer data from any source and automatically identifies, unifies, and de-dupes that data to create a single, unified customer record for every user or account.

Examples of data inputs to Paratives Unified Customer Data
Unified Record

Don't just visualize data. Understand it.

Parative unifies all of your existing customer data – and layers on some of its own – to help your team uncover the revenue and risk hidden in your customer population.
Parative Unified Record compiled of data from other tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, Pendo

Identify Opportunity... Wherever It’s Hidden

Relationship Data

CRMs, CSPs, Marketing Automation

Contract Data

Revenue, Opportunities, Usage-based Volume, Renewals

Feedback Data

Sales/Renewal Blockers, Product Needs, Surveys, Cases/Tickets

Usage Behavior Data

Contract Consumption, In-Product Events, Engagement Tools

Market Data

Inflection Moments, Fundraising, Hiring/Firing, Contact Updates
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Event Tracking

Track product usage and engagement behaviors directly through Parative.

An accounts revenue illustration

Firmographic Data

Add company or contact-level data to expand your Parative experience.

Lots of user speech bubbles illustration

Voice of the Customer

Capture your customers’ feedback, sentiment, and needs in Parative VoC.

How it Works

The Secret Sauce: Parative’s ID Matrix

Taking Existing Customer Data into Parative's ID Matrix and creating Parative's Unified Customer Record
Identify a customer across all data sources with 99.98% accuracy. Merge disparate data for identified customers into one unified record. Auto-associate any remaining orphaned users with unified records.
Parative's data management screenshots

Enrich your CRM with Parative-Unified Data

Improve existing CRM records.

Improve accuracy and completeness of customer data by enriching existing account and contact records in the CRM with Parative's captured and unified data.

Autogenerate missing contacts.

Ensure your CRM data is complete and up-to-date by leveraging Parative to automatically add missing contact records to match your actual user population.

Populate a new CRM instance.

Is your current CRM instance too far gone? Let Parative help you start fresh by unifying your existing customer data and populating an entirely new CRM instance.

See what else you can do with Parative

Parative Score Image

Predictive Scoring

Create rich, outcome-focused scores using a large variety of data, then evaluate those scores across relevant customers, deliver them to your CRM, and trigger workflow automation.

Parative Automations Image

Automations & Alerts

Take immediate action on Parative-discovered revenue and risk signals with real-time alerts and automated workflows in your existing tools and tech stack.