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Introducing Parative

October 31, 2022
October 1, 2022
October 6, 2022

Over the last 3 years, Parlor has been fortunate to support teams of all shapes and sizes – from 10-person startups to 6,000-employee global enterprises. To say it has been quite the ride would be an understatement. We’ve raised money, launched products, moved offices, and navigated both a global pandemic and market downturn. In that same time, our team members welcomed children, purchased homes, and moved across the world. Some have even completed their Parlor tours of duty and graduated to other great companies. But most importantly for the future of our company, we’ve learned… a lot.

Today, we’re excited to announce the outcome of all of that learning (up to this point): a new name, a new flagship product, and an expanded vision for the company going forward.

“Allow me to reintroduce myself…"

As of today, we’re saying goodbye to Parlor the company and hello to Parative. With this exciting shift in name also comes the reveal of our new flagship product: the Parative Customer Behavior Platform.

Parative is focused on putting actionable product usage and customer behavior insights into the hands of the employees that need them most – front-line revenue and retention teams – without the need for support from a data team, CDP, or data warehouse.

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Parative is designed to help teams answer 3 questions:

1) How do we identify which customer behaviors are leading indicators of conversion, retention, and expansion?

2) How do we monitor these key behaviors in real time across a customer population to score each customer’s readiness for these outcomes?

3) When we see that these key behaviors occur (or don’t), which employees do we alert and what actions do we want to automate in the other tools we use?

In short, Parative’s Customer Behavior Platform identifies when your customers’ product usage signals readiness for conversion, churn, or expansion.

Best yet, no Parative login is required. The insights Parative captures, alerts it triggers, and actions it automates all exist entirely within the tools you already use, from Slack to the CRM. So no matter the customer segments or the behavioral signals they care about, Parative gives revenue and retention teams the insights they need to do their jobs better – no additional dashboards required.

Why Parative

SaaS is more than 20 years old, and over that period of time a lot has changed. What started simply with Salesforce – a single tool for only one team – has since resulted in ubiquity. Today, every team in the modern enterprise has dozens of SaaS tools at their disposal – so much so that we’re now drowning in software. Teams have so many SaaS tools that they need SaaS tools to manage their SaaS tools. Yet despite this fact, every year more startups are formed, more “categories” created, and more SaaS tools built to address some “new” opportunity.

Parlor was no different. The original vision of Parlor – born out of pain my co-founders and I experienced at our prior company – was to provide companies with a single source of record for all customer feedback, needs, and sentiment captured across every team and tool in the business. Sales blockers in the CRM? Support tickets in Zendesk? Bug reports, feature requests, user interviews, surveys... all found a home together in Parlor. In doing so, Parlor began to act as a sort of glue for our customers; by uniting customer needs captured across different teams in the company, we were essentially uniting the teams themselves.

We began to realize that, of all the features we designed and delivered to our customers, the greatest value we were creating had nothing to do with the dashboard we were building. It was in helping teams solve – in our small way – the pain created as a result of the 20-year proliferation of SaaS: disconnected tools, siloed data, disparate workflows, and unaligned teams. After years of expansion, teams now want contraction. Rather than addition, teams want subtraction. Fewer things that do more. The glue.

No employee wants to log into more dashboards. No tool should only support one team. No team should be blocked from doing their job due to a lack of access to the insights they need.

So that’s our mission with Parative:

1) Be additive without being additive

2) Support more with less

3) Empower individuals by democratizing access to the insights they need to do their jobs.

We’re excited about this vision of the future, and we hope you are too.

What Happens Next

This is only a preview of what we have in store for Parative.

The Parative Early Adopter Program kicks off on November 1. If you would like to discuss becoming an early partner, you can get more details or contact us now on the Parative website.

Following our Early Adopter period and rollout to our current Parlor customers, the full launch of Parative to the general public is slated to happen later this year, or very early next year.

What Happens to Parlor

In short, nothing. Going forward, Parlor – now called “Parlor VoC” – will become a part of the broader Parative platform. It can be used independently of Parative, or as a natural add-on, providing customers who have access to both with a deep understanding of the needs and behaviors of the customers they care about. We will continue to serve our happy Parlor VoC customers, welcome new ones, and continue to execute on our roadmap of improvements.

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Head of Marketing @ Parative, the Customer Behavior Platform. SaaS enthusiast, B2B Marketing Specialist, Startup Survivalist. Dad x2.

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