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Product Update: Segments Live for All Customers +  Internal Forum Voting

May 19, 2023
May 19, 2023
May 18, 2023

Spring is in the air (in the northern hemisphere) and the product team here at Parative is turning up the temperature.

For our latest release, we're updating the features for both the overall Parative platform as well as the Parative VoC product.

Read on to learn more!

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Segments are Now Live For all Customers!

Without further ado, we're thrilled to release to all Parative customers one of our most powerful and critical features yet: Segments.

Segments revolutionizes the way you can view and interact with your customer base, adding another level of dynamism to the Parative suite of tools and add-ons.

Creating and Understanding Cohorts with Segments

Segments lets you create and deeply understand specific cohorts of customers, allowing for a more granular and targeted approach to customer engagement.

But here's where it gets even better: our cohorts aren't merely constructed based on standard properties and fields. No, we've gone above and beyond, offering you the ability to segment based on utilization, in-app events, and even customer feedback data (more on this later).

This capability does more than simply divide your customer base—it provides an invaluable opportunity to truly understand the diverse needs, behaviors, and preferences of your different customer segments.

A Framework, Not Just a Feature

At its core, Segments is not just a feature; it's a framework that not only supports but enhances your understanding of your customers. It serves as the bedrock upon which all of Parative’s various tools are built, further enhancing their capabilities and giving you even more control over your customer experience.

Powering Up Segment-Specific Scores

The real game-changer, though, is the unique power Segments brings to segment-specific scores. This feature enables you to generate detailed scores based on expansion, churn, and overall health, all specific to each segment. These scores are crucial for gaining insights into the specific attributes of your customer segments, offering a new depth of understanding that will prove invaluable as you continue to personalize and enhance your customers' experience.

Looking Forward: The Future of Segments

In essence, Segments isn't just about understanding your customers – it's about understanding your customers within the unique context of their engagement with your product or service. It's a fresh, exciting way to view and understand your customer data, and we can't wait to see the innovative ways you'll use it.

Stay tuned for more updates, as this is just the beginning for Segments in Parative. We believe Segments will be a game-changer for you and your team, providing a deeper understanding of your customers, and enabling you to tailor your approach to meet their specific needs more effectively than ever before.

Spring may be warming up the outdoors, but here at Parative, it's Segments that's truly turning up the heat. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to many more exciting developments on the horizon!

Empowering Teams: Launching Internal Voting Forum

We're not stopping at Segments; we're also excited to announce the release of another transformative feature: the Internal Voting Forum. This update is all about enhancing your team’s collaboration and customer-centric decision-making process.

With the new Internal Voting Forum, your team now has the power to democratically decide on new ideas based on customer interactions. This tool lets you and your teammates compile, discuss, and vote on potential enhancements to your product or service, all within a centralized hub. But it's more than just a brainstorming tool—it's a comprehensive platform that effectively turns customer feedback into potential roadmap items.

Group 2512-1

Voting on Behalf of Customers: Bringing Their Voice to the Table

We understand that your customers are at the heart of your business, so we've made it easier for you to represent their interests with our "Vote on Behalf of Customers" feature. Teammates can now add a "plus one" to any idea up for a vote, signaling their belief that the proposed idea will benefit customers who have directly expressed their needs or wants during interactions. This feature ensures your customers' voices are heard, even when they aren't in the room.

In addition, when voting on behalf of a customer, you can add key insights such as the potential risk to the business and the importance level to the customer. These added dimensions of information help your team make more informed decisions about what ideas to prioritize.

Group 2514

Turning Votes into Actionable Insights

And what happens after you've cast your votes? Parative's got you covered. As your teammates submit votes, Parative generates insightful reports indicating the potential impact of the specific idea. This feature turns the subjective process of voting into objective data, helping your team better understand the potential consequences of your decisions.

The release of Segments and the Internal Voting Forum signifies our commitment to delivering the best possible tools to our users. We hope these updates will not only simplify your processes but also help you more effectively meet the needs of your customers. As always, thank you for being a part of our journey. Stay tuned for more updates coming your way soon!

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